Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins

'The Show' is a major new work of fiction from co-creators Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins.

The first part of 'The Show' is a series of short films entitled Show Pieces. The project, directed by Mitch and written by Alan, charts the occult lives of a disparate hoard of characters who inhabit the unsettling underworld of the Jimmy’s End Working Men’s Club in Nighthampton, an alternate version of Northampton, Moore & Jenkins's hometown.

The story is told primarily through film. What initially began as a ten-minute one-off piece by literary giant Alan Moore and photographer Mitch Jenkins, has since developed into an expansive series of short films. These are 'Act of Faith', 'Jimmy’s End', 'Upon Reflection', 'A Professional Relationship' and 'His Heavy Heart'. There are plans for a full-length feature film and multi-platform TV series entitled The Show.

Show Pieces is available digitally HERE.


Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins

'Show Pieces' - Film / Book / Soundtrack