Music For Sleeping Children
Music For Sleeping Children
Music For Sleeping Children
Music For Sleeping Children

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Music for Sleeping Children is an experimental collaboration between visual artist Charlie White and musician and producer Boom Bip (also known as Bryan Hollon). Building on White's investigations of the representation of American adolescence, White and Hollon set out to realize an ambitious project: the marriage of in-depth teen interviews, discussions, and studio projects with pop, electronica, hip hop, and experimental composition. Working in tandem, White and Hollon fashioned each track around the the original studio audio gained from the interviews.

From eager enthusiasm, to exuberant chants, to adolescent melancholia, Music for Sleeping Children underscores the complex tensions resonant in teen voices while transforming each girl into a music of her own. Magical, uncomfortable, and original, Music for Sleeping Children is an artwork, an archive, and an album.

The physical edition of Music For Sleeping Children will be released on the later date of the 19th February 2013 (previously 21st January), will include all 5 tracks plus instrumentals and feature a white disc and full photographic cover.

Limited to 500 copies worldwide

Music For Sleeping Children

Boom Bip & Charlie White


12" Vinyl £9.00 Sold Out
Track List
A1. Sabrina
A2. Georgia
A3. Isabelle
A4. Baylee
A5. Mik & Mel

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