The Silence - Digital
The Silence - Digital

Analogue synth enthusiasts and John Carpenter fans rejoice. "The Silence" is the score to the underground indie sci-fi film of the same name. I Speak Machine is Tara Busch. Her music is made from layers of eerie synth and spectral vocals.

Supporters of I Speak Machine include new wave pioneer John Foxx (Ultravox) and soundtrack composer Clint Mansell (Requiem For A Dream, Black Swan). 

When I first heard her sing it shut me right up - couldn’t function. She has a real voice - somewhere between Karen Carpenter and Snow White..” John Foxx

The Silence - Digital

I Speak Machine


MP3 Download £5.00
Track List
Run £1.00
The Silence £1.00
Hell Is Other People £1.00
Heart is Not a Home £1.00
Insomniac £1.00
Experiment 2 £1.00
Just One Day £1.00
Arrogance £1.00
Hunted £1.00
Dead Man, Come Home £1.00
Be Careful What You Wish For £1.00
Crawl Home £1.00

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