The Mouse and the Mask - Digital
The Mouse and the Mask - Digital

Super producer Danger Mouse and rap super villain MF DOOM join forces as DANGERDOOM

The Mouse and The Mask features Cee-Lo Green (also of Gnarls Barkley), Ghostface Killah and the cast of cult cartoon show Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Also look out for the single Old School including a remix from Madlib.



The Mouse and the Mask - Digital



MP3 Download £5.00
Track List
El Chupa Nibre £1.00
Sofa King £1.00
The Mask feat. Ghostface Killah & Mark Linkous £1.00
Perfect Hair £1.00
Benzie Box feat. Cee-lo £1.00
Old School feat. Talib Kweli £1.00
A.T.H.F. £1.00
Basket Case £1.00
No Names feat. Money Mark £1.00
Crosshairs £1.00
Mince Meat £1.00
Vats Of Urine £1.00
Space Ho's £1.00
Bada Bing £1.00

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