Dodgem Logic Issue 1
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Dodgem Logic Issue 1

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In the words of Alan Moore himself:

"Welcome to Dodgem Logic. Price of admission: your mind. And £2.50.

Frankly, if you stump up the £2.50 we're not even that bothered about your mind, which is probably full of infected animal proteins and misremembered one-liners from Sex and the City. Let's face the facts: society has prolapsed and culture is thrashing like a stapled centipede. The economy fades away, a jilted fairy nobody believes in. Meanwhile, our elected leaders are claiming second homes for their anteaters. The hearses are bumper to bumper in Wooton Bassett, each coffin draped in Gerry Halliwell's iconic mini-skirt just to remind the mujahedin what are lads are fighting for. Within out lifetimes, Norfolk folk will become a weird, inbred Atlantis and we won't be sniggering because of their webbed fingers anymore.

The icebergs that we need to pollinate our flowers are dying and the bees are melting. I've researched all this. Clearly, what the world needs is a trippy-looking underground mag with a self-confessed agenda of agressive randomness. Then everything will be all right. Dodgem Logic is produced in Northampton but designed to have worldwide appeal in that one abused, dilapidated and neglected shithole is much like another. We are neither local nor global: we are lobal. If you want a regional edition, just replace our 'Notes From Noho' insert with embittered rantings of your own device.

I'm not your mum. How about no more foreign wars, no replacement for Trident, no identity cards, no stinking badges, no talking about Fight Club, and then if everybody's on board we'll take it from there?"

Features include

Alan Moore - 80's icon and the boss of you.

Alan Moore Goes Underground

Magnificent 'free CD'

Cock-Punching Politics

Living Without Money

Bewildering Comic Strips

Josie Long