STRATA, a new project by I Speak Machine and Tommy Lee Edwards, produced by Lex in partnership with Penguin Random House UK and Editions At Play.

STRATA is a book about the future, made for the future. Directed and illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards, with music and sound design by Lex Records artist I Speak Machine (Tara Busch and Maf Lewis), it comprises science fiction short stories and accompanying essays by eight stellar writers. Each story is a portal that takes the reader deeper into STRATA; each essay reveals another layer of science that underpins the world.

STRATA is a unique digital-only storytelling experience with writing from authors including Misha Glenny, Laurie Penny and Maggie Koerth-Baker.

Available through the Google Play Books store, STRATA is the first step into a new science fiction world that has been developed by Google’s Creative Lab in Australia and Editions At Play as part of a publishing programme of books that live in the browser and make the most of the dynamic qualities of the web. 

Conceived to live on the web and optimised for mobile, STRATA uses a parallax navigation system exploring Edwards’ rich and striking retro-futuristic visuals. Combined with the ambient soundscape from I Speak Machine, STRATA makes the most of the storytelling opportunities of the web in a highly immersive new science fiction world that will appeal to all readers of comic book and graphic novel readers, and anyone with an interest in speculative future worlds, from the anime of AKIRA and GHOST IN THE SHELL, to BLADE RUNNER and MAD MAX.

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