10th Avenue Freakout
10th Avenue Freakout

For his first album on Lex, Andy Broder (aka. FOG) takes us on a journey through a surreal landscape of Free Jazz and thrift-store folk, a medley of slacker hip hop and electronics

Atmospheric instrumentation break up the vocals, fuelled by drums from Martin Dosh, re-engineered by artist Cepia (on Ghostly International).

Also available on double vinyl LP HERE


10th Avenue Freakout



CD £6.00
Track List
Can You Believe It?
We're Winning
10th Avenue Freakout
The Rabbit
Song About A Wedding
Holy! Holy! Holy!
The Small Burn
O Telescope, You
Goody Gumdrops
The Poor Fella
A Murder
The Hully Gully

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