Hymies Basement - Digital
Hymies Basement - Digital

Combining the voices and musical talents of Andy Broder aka. Fog and Yoni Wolf aka WHY?, this one-off collaboration recorded in the basement of Hymies Record Store in Minnesota is packed full of Lo-fi analogue synths, super-high def recordings, lush melodies and guitars.

Hymies Basement - Digital

Hymies Basement


MP3 Download £5.00
Track List
21st Century Pop Song £1.00
All Them Boys £1.00
Suite Of The Fearless Tall Dude Killer £1.00
Ghost Dream £1.00
The Act £1.00
Moon Head £1.00
The Pump £1.00
Parrots £1.00
Pretty Colours (Smile Your Brains Out) £1.00
Ben And Joey £1.00
America Won £1.00
America Too £1.00
I Am A Sewer At Heart £1.00
Lightning Bolds And Man Hands £1.00
You Die £1.00

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