Lexoleum Volume 1 - Digital
Lexoleum Volume 1 - Digital

The first of a 3 records released between November 2001 and February 2003 that make up the Lexoleum compilation. Each one features a diverse selection of artists on or associated with the label... 

This volume features Boom Bip, Tes and Non-Prophets (Sage Francis & Joe Beats) who all went on to release full albums on the label.

All three parts of Lexoleum compilation are available on CD HERE 

Lexoleum Volume 1 - Digital



MP3 Download £3.00
Track List
Boom Bip - U R Here £1.00
Tes - Big Shots £1.00
Mummy Fortuna's Theatre Company -The Toy Chest £1.00
Non-Prophets – Come Come Now £1.00
Cosyne – Phone Sex £1.00
Disflex 6 – People Skillz (Say Werd) £1.00

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