Pre-order: Manila Ice - Digital
Pre-order: Manila Ice - Digital

Eyedress is 26 year old Idris Vicuña from Manila, the Philippines. He presents his debut album proper - Manila Ice - out 2nd June 2017.

Manila Ice showcases his unique talent for lovesick composition and songwriting, and his DIY spirit. The album was recorded around the birth of his first child and represents the hopes and fears of a young parent as well as providing him an escape from the realities of his personal life and the dramatic political events unfolding in his home city. He recorded and produced the entire album from his bedroom studio at his parents house - playing lead and rhythm guitar, bass, synths, samplers, drums alongside singing and rapping.

His music is informed by the diverse influences of his early life in Phoenix, Arizona and San Clemente, California followed by his family’s return to The Philippines aged 15. Taking to sampling and beat making as much as traditional musicianship, his thirst for expression has seen him turn his unique voice to rap, punk, synth pop and lo-fi indie styles. On Manila Ice he strips his experimentation back to a more traditional songwriting, and brings a striking honesty to the narratives which weave through the record.

Album art designed and illustrated by Eyedress.

Pre-order on limited edition fluorescent green vinyl, and CD here and receive the digital album download on release.

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Pre-order: Manila Ice - Digital




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