X2 (Times Two) - Digital
X2 (Times Two) - Digital

This album is Tes' debut album and one of the first releases on Lex.

Concise, punchy hip hop from Brooklyn but leaving any kind of old school connotations far behind. X2 moves from the dark and moody into disco orchestration with track New, New York - Single of the Month for many magazines and radio shows worldwide.

X2 (Times Two) - Digital



MP3 Download £5.00
Track List
Times Two In £1.00
Say When £1.00
New New York £1.00
Late To Work £1.00
Plasma £1.00
Fooltime £1.00
Big Shots £1.00
Change £1.00
Off On Monday £1.00
My Receiver £1.00
Trigger Da Whistler £1.00
Times Two Outro £1.00

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